Technology & Innovation


Innovation ensures sustainability. Supporting our innovative perspective with our investment in technology is our company’s indispensable policy. Our collaborations with our customers, producing solutions for the sector and the future are important for our company. Our R&D projects are supported with academic and university collaborations. Synthesis, tests and measurements are carried out in our laboratory to produce solutions for our customers with our personnel who attach importance to science. The sectors and processes we provide service are constantly examined by our company and technological solutions are offered.

In our textile application laboratory, recipes are created for pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing processes for batch, semi-batch and continuous finishing operations, as well as process analysis and optimization. Our laboratory conducts tests and measurements in accordance with standards for textile businesses.

In our polymer application laboratory, new studies are carried out by creating emulsion polymerization and innovative synthesis formulations in our pilot reactors. Packaging industry, marble+net applications, textile lamination and special adhesion works are carried out. In our Metal Surface Treatment Chemicals (pre-dyeing applications) & Auxiliary Chemicals applications, we work with our 80lt washing spray booth, ultrasonic baths and 6lt vibration device.

The work carried out is recorded with the documentation systematic (within our Integrated Management system: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018).